Carpet Cleaning Olympia – Choosing The Ideal Carpet Cleaner

Have you had bad luck choosing a carpet cleaner in the Olympia, WA area?

When you decide to have your carpeting professionally steam cleaned, the initial idea you will likely choose is to use the business with the most affordable prices.  BE CAREFUL!  Grossbusters’ has noticed that the majority of these kind of carpet cleaners have cut corners!  When organizations of this caliber advertise ‘unbelievable prices,’ ask yourself three beneficial questions.

Have they cut extremely significant operating expenses, such as insurance coverage?

 An sufficient amount of business insurance coverage is not cheap.  Consequently, this is often one of the primary items to get the ax if a company is struggling.  If this cleaner is unable to buy coverage to protect themselves if an disastrous mistake should occur in your home, are they going to be able to manage to pay pay for any destruction to your property or family should they have an mishap?  Business insurance coverage has never been mandatory by law; any person with a WA state issued business license may officially do work without the need for coverage.  BE SURE TO ask your carpet cleaner that you choose to provide a copy of his company’s insurance papers!

Is this carpet cleaning service employing inferior devices?  

Anything other than hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is NOT going to do an sufficient job of cleaning up your carpets, couches or oriental rugs.  Low moisture carpet cleaning such as encapsulation cleaning, dry foam scrubbing, and bonnet cleaning will simply conceal the particles in your carpeting, rugs, and upholstery.  Furthermore, these inferior cleaning devices don’t eradicate germs, fungi, or parasites given that they use only small levels of lukewarm water. These types of dry textile cleaning methods are specifically created for use on commercial carpeting in commercial locations such as boutiques, educational institutions, and churches.  Steam cleaning however is thought to be the best of the best for carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning.  Many hot water extractors (steam cleaners) produce water above 180º F for exceptional cleaning and microorganism killing power. Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) machinery is incredibly costly and in order for cleaners using hot water extractors(steam cleaners) to remain in operation, they must charge more money than the commonly marketed ‘ENTIRE HOUSE FOR $99,’ deal.  Prior to appointing a carpet cleaning business, ask if they do steam cleaning.  If they respond with a “no, we use something else”.

Will this carpet cleaner implement bait & switch practices against me?

 Sketchy cleaners have been doing this for years.  Sadly, hardworking people continue to be swindled out of several hundred of dollars on a daily basis.  What happens is, the individual is impressed by the enticing prices and elects to use the company.  Then, when the technicians are finished working, they spring many hidden expenses on the homeowner resulting in a much bigger total than originally approved upon.  Now, seeing as how the cleaning has already been done, the customer feels pressured to come up with the extra cash despite feeling taken advantage of.  Another position that these businesses exercise is intimidation.  The moment they enter your home, they begin with the extremely high-pressured sales and recommendations for the client.  They begin adding on cost after cost and are extremely militant in their advice until before you know it, the total price is significantly more expensive than principally decided upon.  Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning promises a typed up bill before we do any work.  We try our hardest to provide an accurate price by email or phone.  Then, when our technicians arrive at your home, they will perform a thorough inspection and will notify you if the cost is going to be higher than the calculation that you received over the phone.  Prior to starting work, you will be given a prepared quote that we positively pledge will be all that you will pay when we are finished.

Selecting a carpet cleaning company might seem a tad terrifying to you after reading this article.  Relax; there is at least one carpet cleaning company that will service you and your house with the utmost respect!  Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning has established itself as one of the best carpet cleaning services in WA state.  We are entirely insured, bonded and licensed in the state of WA.  Along with our lawfulness, our specialists have years of experience cleaning carpeting, upholstery and area rugs so you can rest easy knowing that your carpet are in great, knowledgeable hands.  Our dynamic steam cleaning equipment mated to the Rotovac Powerwand produces astonishingly clean carpet, rugs, and upholstery.  Also, you know precisely how much your cleaning will cost before we begin cleaning.  And the greatest part is, our prices are commonly cheaper than all of our competitors.  In fact, if you locate a competitor of ours in the Lacey, Olympia, Lakewood, or Tacoma area that utilizes steam cleaning mated to a rotary cleaning device like the Rotovac, and their quote is lower than ours, we will beat their price by ten percent!  So make the smart choice!  Give us a call today for your FREE estimate! 

Golden Eagle Loop SE 
Olympia, WA 98513
1-855-WE-STEAM (1-855-937-8326)

About grossbusterscc

We are an experienced carpet cleaning company serving the Lacey & Tacoma, WA area. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, honest technicians, ensuring that your carpet, upholstery, area rugs, and mattresses are cleaned with the utmost care. Our mission is to provide the absolute best services at the lowest prices around. In fact, we guarantee that we will beat any competitor's quote by 10%! See what satisfied customers all over the greater south sound area are buzzing about. We use the Rotovac Powerwand mated to an ultra high-powered steam cleaning machine. This cleaning method is vastly superior to other companies’ methods of using just a standard carpet cleaning wand. The Rotovac has two gear-driven, counter-rotating heads which each have three spray jets and three vacuum slots, resulting in truly astonishing carpet cleaning!...Have a bad pet stain or other liquid accident? No Problem! We use the patented Water Claw in conjunction with a state of the art flushing technique to extract liquids from deep within the carpet backing, pad, and subfloor. This ensures that unwanted stains and odors don’t unexpectedly return. Grossbusters also offers upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and auto interior cleaning. Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning is licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Before hiring a carpet cleaner in the Lacey WA area, make absolutely certain that he has the necessary insurance to cover himself as well as YOU and your HOME if an unfortunate accident should happen. Before even discussing work with a carpet cleaner, ask if they are insured. There are a surprising number of cleaners in the business who do not carry insurance. Usually their excuse is that insurance is too expensive. If they would just take a minute to think about how enormous of a risk they are taking for themselves and their customers, they would realize that they should NOT be cutting corners on this particular aspect of their business. Also ask if your carpet cleaner has a valid license to do business in WA. It is not uncommon for “companies” in this industry to skip this obviously imperative step. If they do not have a license to clean carpet, upholstery, area rugs, mattresses, vehicle interior, or tile & grout, and do so anyway, then they are breaking the law. This qualifies as both a civil infraction as well as a FEDERAL OFFENSE because they are not paying taxes (known as tax evasion). If your carpet cleaner says that he or she is indeed licensed, look them up just in case. Every single legitimate, individual carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning business- along with all other businesses- are listed on the official WA state website, listed here:
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