Surprising Dupont, WA With Carpet Cleaning

Residents in Dupont, WA Have Never Seen Carpet Cleaning Like This!

We have all heard it a thousand times.  “We’ll get your carpet cleaner than anyone else…”  This is the claim made by virtually every carpet cleaner in the Dupont, WA area.  Over the years, some companies have delivered on this promise.  But for most, it’s just talk.

Introducing the Rotovac – A Revolutionary, Patented Carpet Cleaning Technique

These days, its not a big secret anymore that truck-mounted steam cleaning is far and away the preferred method for cleaning carpets.  There is no other method that is able to remove soil, stains, and hair while killing 99.9% of bacteria.  Until now, carpet cleaners have been plagued by the challenges of truly filthy carpet.  Sometimes it seems no matter how hard you scrub and much water heat, pressure, and chemicals you use, some carpets still don’t look that great….until now!

Our patented Rotovac takes the already excellent method of steam cleaning, and trades out the traditional scrub wand for a rotary jet extraction system.  To put the comparison of the regular wand to the Rotovac in perspective, think of a standard wrench compared to a ratchet.  The Rotovac is an advanced, carefully engineered tool designed to drastically increase the amount of cleaning passes per minute, while dramatically decreasing the amount of physical effort required.  When we encounter carpets which require substantial, restorative cleaning, our clients are usually thrilled once we have cleaned even a small section of carpet.



Now, let’s get something straight.  Steam cleaning paired with a quality, manual scrub wand can still create some outstanding results.  In fact, we frequently use a two inch manual scrub with four solution spray jets to transform some pretty nasty carpet.  However, some situations require the extremely “high volume” cleaning that the Rotovac delivers.

I Live in Dupont, WA, My Carpets Are Disgusting, What Should I do?

Frequently, one of the first things homeowners think to do if their carpet is extremely dirty, is to replace it.  BUT WAIT A MINUTE!  Replacing your carpet is an expensive, inconvenient nightmare!  Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning can save your carpet and your money!  Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate!

Who you gonna call?

carpet cleaning dupont wa

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning 

3809 Golden Eagle Loop SE

Olympia, WA 98513

1-855-937-8326 (1-855-WE-STEAM)

(360) 200-8825



About grossbusterscc

We are an experienced carpet cleaning company serving the Lacey & Tacoma, WA area. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, honest technicians, ensuring that your carpet, upholstery, area rugs, and mattresses are cleaned with the utmost care. Our mission is to provide the absolute best services at the lowest prices around. In fact, we guarantee that we will beat any competitor's quote by 10%! See what satisfied customers all over the greater south sound area are buzzing about. We use the Rotovac Powerwand mated to an ultra high-powered steam cleaning machine. This cleaning method is vastly superior to other companies’ methods of using just a standard carpet cleaning wand. The Rotovac has two gear-driven, counter-rotating heads which each have three spray jets and three vacuum slots, resulting in truly astonishing carpet cleaning!...Have a bad pet stain or other liquid accident? No Problem! We use the patented Water Claw in conjunction with a state of the art flushing technique to extract liquids from deep within the carpet backing, pad, and subfloor. This ensures that unwanted stains and odors don’t unexpectedly return. Grossbusters also offers upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and auto interior cleaning. Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning is licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Before hiring a carpet cleaner in the Lacey WA area, make absolutely certain that he has the necessary insurance to cover himself as well as YOU and your HOME if an unfortunate accident should happen. Before even discussing work with a carpet cleaner, ask if they are insured. There are a surprising number of cleaners in the business who do not carry insurance. Usually their excuse is that insurance is too expensive. If they would just take a minute to think about how enormous of a risk they are taking for themselves and their customers, they would realize that they should NOT be cutting corners on this particular aspect of their business. Also ask if your carpet cleaner has a valid license to do business in WA. It is not uncommon for “companies” in this industry to skip this obviously imperative step. If they do not have a license to clean carpet, upholstery, area rugs, mattresses, vehicle interior, or tile & grout, and do so anyway, then they are breaking the law. This qualifies as both a civil infraction as well as a FEDERAL OFFENSE because they are not paying taxes (known as tax evasion). If your carpet cleaner says that he or she is indeed licensed, look them up just in case. Every single legitimate, individual carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning business- along with all other businesses- are listed on the official WA state website, listed here:
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