Who is Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning of The Olympia & Lacey Areas?

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Lacey, Olympia & Tacoma, WA!

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning presents carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning to both residential and commercial customers.  Additionally we are experts in specialty spot and pet stain removal as well as 3M Scotchguard application to shield your textiles from spills.  We are an top quality carpet cleaning business serving Olympia and Tacoma, WA area vicinities.  Our team members is composed of highly schooled, reliable service professionals, being certain that your carpet, upholstery, area rugs, and mattresses are cleaned with the maximum consideration. Our goal is to render the absolute best services at the lowest prices in Olympia. To prove that, we guarantee that we will beat any other carpet cleaner’s quote by 10%! See what delighted clients all over the Olympia area are buzzing about. We utilize the Rotovac Powerwand mated to an extremely high-powered hot water extractor. This cleaning method is vastly exceptional when compared to other companies’ methods of using just a regular steam wand. The Rotovac includes two gear-driven, counter-rotating heads which each have three spray jets and three vacuum slots, rendering jaw-dropping cleaning results!…Have a bad pet stain or other liquid accident? No problem! We utilize the patented Water Claw in conjunction with a revolutionary flushing method to withdraw liquids from below the surface of the carpet including the cushion and sub-floor. doing it this way ensures that ugly stains and odors will not unexpectedly come back. Grossbusters also offers upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and automobile interior cleaning.

Insured or Not Insured – That Is The Question

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning is licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Before selecting a carpet cleaning business in the Tacoma WA area, make fully certain that he has the proper insurance to cover himself and you and your property if an terrible accident should take place. . There are a shocking number of carpet cleaning firms in the area who do not have insurance. Generally their excuse is that insurance is too expensive. If they would just take a second to think about how massive of a gamble they are taking for themselves and their customers, they would realize that they shouldn’t be cutting corners on this specific element of their firm. Also, ask if your carpet cleaner if has a current license to do business in WA. It is not uncommon for “organizations” in this industry to forget this clearly essential step. If they clean carpet, upholstery, rugs, automobile interior, or tile and grout with out a license, then they are breaking Washington state law. This qualifies as both a civil infraction as well as a FEDERAL OFFENSE because they are not paying taxes (known as tax evasion).  If your carpet cleaning company claims that they are indeed licensed, look them up just in case. Every single reputable, individual carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning business- alongside all other businesses- are included on the Washington state Department of Licensing website. It will have their legal name, business name, business license number, and expiration date of their license.

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning’s method produces cleaning performance unequaled by ANY other carpet cleaner in the Lacey, Tacoma, or Lakewood, WA areas. Our intense step-by-step routine for steam cleaning carpet, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, and vehicle upholstery is what restores these textiles to like-new condition.


We begin by tediously vacuuming all carpets, area rugs, and upholstery that we will clean later on. A lot of carpet cleaners in the business ignore this important measure. Vacuuming is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process because it clears out most free particles that would possibly obstruct our cleaning chemicals from penetrating stubborn, more embedded soil and bacteria. This also helps our large vacuum engines inside our steam cleaner to stay flowing and performing at full capacity during the water extraction operation. To put the relevance of vacuuming into more understandable terms, consider washing a car for instance. If you have a car covered in mud, you probably won’t instantly take your soap and mitt and begin shampooing the vehicle. Alternatively, you begin by hosing off the vehicle to try to hose off as much debris as possible in order to make the next step- cleaning with soap- as efficient as possible.


Next, we pre-treat all of the low, medium and excessive traffic areas with the suitable chemicals. According to the dirtiness of the carpet, we might put to use the carpet restoration agitator heads on our Rotovac  to thoroughly work in the pre-conditioner and agitate the carpet fibers to work as much stubborn soil and particles out as achievable. Additionally, we pre-spray any furniture we will be steam cleaning, at this time. For spills, pet stains, and other deep liquid accidents, we pre-saturate each contaminated area with a special enzyme based, oxidizing chemical. The chemical works to  render inactive all impurities that cause odors and staining not only in the carpet but all the way down into the carpet backing, pad, and sub-floor. After this, we use lots of clear water and our Water Claw to sufficiently rinse out, suck out, and dry the damaged areas.


Utilizing our ultra-hot water extraction procedure (often called “steam cleaning”) in combination with our Rotovac rotary jet extractor, we begin to renovate your carpets and upholstery. Even though we maintain that our Rotovac is truly what sets us apart from our rivals, there is a whole other facet of our procedure that is superior, yet not immediately noticeable. You might recall that after you hired another carpet cleaner, your carpeting appeared to look considerably dingy again after  a few of weeks. This is due to the fact that they used too much detergent, making it extremely challenging to extract completely. If you have ever spilled a drop of liquid laundry detergent or dish soap then you know exactly how it feels after it dries- TACKY! The soap that other carpet cleaning firms leave in your carpet is no different. It behaves like a magnet for dirt which is the cause the fast resoiling of your carpet, rugs, and furniture. At Grossbusters, we depend on our pre-spray and 210 degree water temperature for cleaning and cleansing. We use only conditioned water to flush the chemicals from the carpeting. This ensures that there are absolutely NO chemical residues remaining in your textiles for debris to stick to. The results are extraordinary and last  five times longer.


In this step, we deal with any spotting or staining that was unable to be removed with steam cleaning. Other companies charge extra for stain removal but with Grossbusters, basic stain removal WON’T COST YOU A DIME! If you had any deep liquid stains that we pre-soaked in step 2, we now use our Water Claw to entirely remove the pre-treament and stain from the carpet backing, pad, and sub-floor. We flush the affected area several times with water to make certain there are no chemical or soil remnants left in the area. We have a complete range of chemicals to treat even the most unusual stains. Whether its paint, rust, juice, etc., we have the solution. Grossbusters won’t guarantee that we can remove every stain every time but we will use our intense training and experience to do the absolute best we can! 9 times out of 10, stain removal is a success.


Our specialized carpet rakes are used to perk up the carpet pile and remove any patterns that our machines might have left. This results in completely uniformed carpeting which dries much quicker because any matted carpet fibers have been erected. In most circumstances, we will position numerous high powered fans throughout the cleaned area to further accelerate the dry time. We recommend that the house temperature be kept at a minimum of 68 degrees. In some scenarios, opening windows can help accelerate the dry time of the carpet as well, depending on the weather outside.


Grossbusters offers complimentary air freshener in every cleaned area. We also encourage our clients to choose to have 3M Scotchguard stain protector applied after getting carpeting, rugs, and upholstery cleaned. Scotchguard helps to keep any future spills and spots from bonding with the carpet fibers. This makes accidents easier to clean up yourself. The low upfront cost after cleaning may end up saving you money on  stain removal in the future.

As prideful residents of the Pacific Northwest, we feel it is our duty to keep pollution to our planet to a minimum. We carry an entire line of GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED products which are fully safe for your home and our planet! We are happy to offer green carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Rewards Program

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning has an exclusive REWARDS PROGRAM, not offered by any other carpet cleaner! After your initial cleaning, you will receive a punch card and a punch for your initial cleaning, and for each subsequent cleaning. Once you have accumulated (3), you earn a FREE CLEANING!

Another way to earn a FREE cleaning is to refer three different people to our company. Each time you refer someone, we will mark your card. When you accumulate (3) punches, you receive a FREE CLEANING!

With our hot water, rotary jet extraction cleaning system, and our ‘best in the business’ customer service, all you’ve got to lose is the grime in your carpet and furniture!



Serving Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Tacoma, Lakewood, WA & surrounding areas…

Who you gonna call? 1-855-WE-STEAM (1-855-937-8326)


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  1. Hello & thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. We are happy to provide a FREE, no obligation quote to residents of Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma, Lakewood, & all surrounding areas. Call 1-855-937-8326 or visit our website to fill our our “Quick Quote” form. Official Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning Homepage

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